Mike & Rachel

Newly engaged couples are living in a new and exciting time in their lives. Wedding plans are to be made, with no small amount of effort. In this time of pure happiness and optimism, couples traditionally have hired a wedding photographer to document this most joyous of ceremonies. In addition to wedding photography, many couples are opting to capture their before - the - union state with engagement photos. DMK media recently had the opportunity to shoot an engagement photography session with Mike and Rachel in Williamsport and Montoursville, PA.
In contemporary fashion, Mike and Rachel chose to spread the word about their recent engagement initially with a selfie (it is a good photo!) but decided they would like to have a more formal depiction of this exciting time in their lives. How formal an engagement photo shoot will be is typically in the sole hands of the couple. Mike and Rachel made the most of this.
They took a casual, informal approach to the session. They dressed down. They were relaxed and in good spirits. They chose settings and backdrops that have significant value in their life together. They opted for natural light in the outdoors.
Several formal poses were struck by Mike and Rachel, with DMK photographer Dennis offering helpful suggestions. In regard to portraying a casual session and atmosphere in general, Dennis took many shots which may be considered "outtakes" in a more formal session. However, outtakes these were not. Candid shots captured the couple in a genuine light, and - as with Mike and Rachel - in many cases candid shots are preferred.
Mike and Rachel goofed around and kept it light, but also understood the benefits of capturing more affectionate sides of their relationship. The barn and railroad settings in Montoursville provided especially heartwarming glimpses into the life of the couple.