Casey & Annie

A Step Back in Time

Casey & Annie were excited to recreate their "first date" at Alabaster's, a local coffee shop in Williamsport,PA. They wanted their engagement photos to showcase how they met and what they love to do together. You can find Casey and Annie here on a regular basis enjoying their favorite coffee!

Snowy Spring

When Annie first mentioned what kind of photos she wanted for her engagement session, she had said that she would love to have them done in a blizzard. With the photos scheduled in April that was very unlikely to happen, but by chance, and maybe a little help from the man upstairs, she had a lovely spring snow! DMK was able to capture the beautiful couple in front of the home they will reside in together after the wedding. 

Icing on the Cupcake

It was definitely the icing on the cake for DMK to watch Casey and Annie bake in their kitchen showing off the love and affection they have for eachother. Annie is no stranger in the kitchen and it showed in the amazing cupcakes she made with the help of her soon to be hubby Casey! We are thrilled to be showcasing more of this love and happiness as their wedding photographer for the upcoming wedding in October. 

Dennis McConnaughhay