Healthy Touch Day Spa

DMK had the opportunity to film footage for a regional business advertisement. Williamsport's Healthy Touch Spa welcomed Dennis and Isaiah into the relaxing atmosphere of their salon and day spa.

The first shots recorded by the team were testimonials, by both the owner, Stacey, and two regular clients. As with any interview shot, proper care was taken to capture the interviewees in a flattering light and from a flattering angle. With Dennis' know-how, DMK's equipment, and the women themselves, this was easily accomplished.

Dennis directed the shots and was at the helm of the technical aspects of filming. Isaiah interviewed the women with open-ended questions and tried to give the atmosphere an informal, unscripted feel.

In order to present the business in an accurate light, footage was taken of employees in action with clients. Hair styling, pedicures, manicures, and massages were filmed and will appear in the commercial.

To round out the day, Dennis used DMK's drone to film exterior - B roll - shots of the spa's building. The building is attractive and unique, so it was only natural for it to be filmed at attractive and unique angles. The drone was able to gather footage from 100 feet above the ground, offering a never-before seen perspective of the spa. Just as filming was wrapping up, the sun came out, filling the valley with light and framing the property in its perfect proximity to the mountains in the distance. Talk about visually appealing!