DMK Media

Production House, Visual Artists, Storytellers.

At DMK Media we help people tell their stories with bold visuals and cinematic production value. Whatever the project is, from your commercial brand or to the most important day of your life. Our production team will fuse your goals with the artistic creativity of videography and photography.

DMK Media is based out of Williamsport, PA. It was created and founded by husband and wife Dennis and Kristen McConnaughhay. Wanting to tell their own story through visual art and photography they picked up their cameras and learned as much as they could about how to create beautiful images for their family to have. As their passion grew and their knowledge expanded they decided to create a life around it and open a business, DMK grew from there. Kristen grew up with an art background and attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study graphic design. Dennis, on the other hand, grew up being hands on always taking things apart and figuring out how they went back together. Naturally wanting to figure out the camera and later video and really becoming an expert in the process. 


Dennis and Kristen have been married for 9 years and together for 13, with two children. They try to live their best life with their kids and explore as much of the world in the process. If you ask them where their favorite place to go is, the answer would be, “a place we’ve never been”. They want to share their visual art with the world and maybe see some cool stuff on the way. 


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