Commercial Video

2019 Show Reel

Kristen and I have been really working hard over the last year.  You name it from corporate video to commercial branding and even weddings. We answered all calls. Here is a culmination of a few of our latest productions.

PENN STATE / We Are 101

UPMC Patient Story // Clyde Peeling

A collaboration with PSU. We helped them create a humorous social piece to celebrate the end of the 2019 year. The whole process was fun and exciting all the way from casting to the final edit. Projects like this are a dream come true.

We had the opportunity to work with local celebrity Clyde Peeling of Clyde Peeling's Reptiland and help UPMC Susquehanna tell his story. What a pleasure it is to meet and work with such amazing people in our community.

Jennifer Engel Designs

Jenn came to us with this idea of being able to wear her jewelry all day in any situation. We wrote up an idea using transitions to help move the story from one scene to the next. With thought out planning, we were able to turn this entire project around within 48hrs.

Geisinger Stroke Month Spot

Geisinger came to us wanting to showcase Frank's story for stroke month. The message of this video was to show Frank's appreciation to Geisinger and its team as well as raising awareness for the signs of a stroke.

Life Flight

Life Flight is an amazing field of work. We tried to capture and really bring to life the passion these flight nurses feel about what they do. Partnering with Geisinger on this project allowed us to really tell an amazing story!

Jennifer Engel Design Fall Line

DMK, together with Jenn Engel and models Rikki Feerrar and Gabrielle Chappel, put together a run and gun style commercial branding shoot, stopping all over NY city from Highland Park to lower Manhattan creating a visually stunning end product.


Geisinger partnered with DMK to get a social media commercial done highlighting their new app with some great visual content.

Every person, every business, every brand has a story to tell, and we’re here to tell it.

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